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Space in Leeds

For this long-established conferencing centre, a whole new way of thinking was required. Offering something different to large chain hotels and similar spaces in the area, the new 'Space In Leeds' brand needed to refresh and reinvigorate what had come before.

The result: a crisp, clear concept with bags of personality. Friendly honest language populates an easy-to-navigate website. In other words, a no-nonsense attitude that cuts through the waffle and gets straight down to business.

A million miles from where it all began, for 'Space in Leeds', this is just the beginning.

"After a productive day of learning and growing at Space in Leeds, you need to recharge. If you want to celebrate with a slap-up meal and a few drinks or just have a nice quiet dinner, in Leeds you're never far from a restaurant, pub or bar.

Even if you need to grab something quick before making the journey home, Space in Leeds can point you in the right direction."

- Space in Leeds, 'Places to Stay'