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Social Stars

When marketing platform Crowdtap were looking to redesign their sign-up process for an initiative called Social Stars, I was brought in to spruce up the copy.

The site had one function - to entice people to get paid to use their social networking skills. To keep things simple, everything was stripped back to explain how the service works and what it is. Four key messages were highlighted and explained in simple, clear language.

The result: a clean, clear journey with a dash of humour. Personality was injected to the form-filling process, with informal flourishes like "Let's get started. It won't take long!" and "Almost there. Told you it was quick!"  Every effort was made to communicate and sell the concept in as few words as possible.

(As an aside, I also contributed to the landing page image - I'm the one top right holding the video camera. Does this mean I can add hand modelling to my LinkedIn profile?)

"You create amazing content that people love.

Get real opportunities to work with leading brands and have your content amplified by our crowd."

- Social Stars landing page

Design by Rosie Manning.