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Pick 'n' Mix postcards

Prospective students often come away from university open days with a huge variety of print literature. The challenge was to create something that visually stood out from the pack and was exciting to read.

It had to be detailed enough to give visitors something substantial to read on the journey home, but also different enough to traditional prospectus-like guides to feel special.

The idea was to show off the huge variety of ways people can interact with a students' union. In all likelihood, the vast majority of readers wouldn't fully understand the purpose or nature of a students' union, so the language had to be clear and informative.

The result: Pick 'n' Mix postcards showcasing ten different facets of the students' union. These were handed out in striped candy bags, and displayed in wicker baskets to allow people to browse and choose the ones that appealed to them most. Numbers were added to encourage people to collect the full set.

Aimed at a young audience of 16, 17 and 18 year olds, the tone is friendly, encouraging and reassuring, like a pep talk from an older sibling.

The bespoke illustrations create a set of beautiful postcards that wouldn't look out of place on a bedroom wall. The writing draws the reader in and excites them about life at university; the design encourages them to keep them around well beyond the point you'd normally throw such literature away.

"When you become a student
at the University of Leeds, you
automatically become a member
of Leeds University Union – one
of the biggest and best students’
unions going. We’re here to make
sure you get the most out of your
time at university, and we do this
in lots of different ways...

We’re here to offer you advice and
support. We can give you a voice
and make your opinion count.
We can help you find a job and
improve your career prospects.
We’re a hub for volunteering,
locally and abroad. We’re home
to a huge variety of clubs and
societies, and a space for them
to meet, rehearse and perform.
We’re somewhere to stock up on
stationery, grab a bite to eat, meet
friends for a drink or party into
the night.

And we’re so lucky to have such
an amazing space to play in - our
building is always buzzing with
activity. Political debates one
minute, Thai-chi or film screenings
the next. We have a great
selection of social spaces, clubs,
bars and cafés. There’s something
for everyone at Leeds University

- 'Something for Everyone', postcard 1/10

Design by Natalie Morton.