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A Guide to Loadhog

The brief was simple - describe a business that specialises in 'reusable transit packaging' in a handy brochure for salesman to distribute to potential clients.

The guide needed to give a full overview of the company, outline the entire product range and showcase their state-of-the-art machinery and refurbished premises.

The result: a complete guide that covered an array of solutions. Key features were pulled out and case studies were used to give insight. Facts and figures were broken down into easy-to-digest sections.

The tone of the brochure was developed to evoke a sense of pride, quality and assurance. The project was further brought to life with a clean design and some striking photography.

To supplement the product descriptions, I also created a range of videos for the company to show off their revolutionary product design.

"Loadhog is a multi-award winning UK manufacturing company where genuine innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to solve everyday problems in logistics and supply chain operations – reducing transport requirements, eliminating packaging waste and generally making life easier.

Our home is The Hog Works, based in Sheffield. The 120,000 sq ft renovated gun plant is situated in the city’s historic Don Valley, and houses all of our manufacturing, design and development resources, including a suite of Engel injection moulding machines, a state-of-the-art MART layer pad wash machine, and our dedicated Ideas and Innovation Centre.

We believe that an important contribution to our identity and success is our status as an employee owned business, with every member of staff owning shares in the company."

- A Guide to Loadhog, introduction

Design by David Saunderson. Photography by me. Videos by me.