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Gripple website

How do you begin to describe a company that is employee-owned, operates on a global level and is completely unlike any other traditional manufacturing outfit? What's more, how do you bring all that to life online?

Starting completely from scratch, the new Gripple website needed 100% original content, including a potted history of the company, a showcase of their most famous projects, a searchable distributor database, fundraising and sustainability achievements, an innovation zone, current job descriptions and a calendar of upcoming industry events.

Not to mention the main core of the site: an online technical guide for a vast product range across two unique markets, detailing a number of applications for both the construction and agricultural sectors.

The result: a website that conveys exactly who Gripple are, what they make and the solutions they provide. A website that places them as a distinctive company, proud of their growth and evolution. A website that takes huge swathes of information and packages it into informative chunks.

Running with the down-to-earth ethos of the company, the copy was simple, direct and to the point. Case studies welcomed in the uninitiated, and technical descriptions were complemented by more accessible, everyday explanations.

In addition to the majority of the written content (including news stories, product descriptions and application overviews) I also contributed other media to the website, including a sizable amount of photography and a selection of product videos, such as the one above. 

"As a manufacturing plant, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet. Over the last few years, we have maximised our energy efficiency, decreased electricity use, reduced landfill, increased recycling, conserved our use of raw materials and minimised our packaging.

We continuously strive to integrate sustainability into our design process - a Gripple today uses 30% less zinc than the original design, without compromising strength or functionality.

You can be confident we’ve lessened our environmental impact as far as possible during the design and manufacture of our goods, and we believe our products and their applications can play a fundamental part in you achieving your own suitability objectives."

- Gripple website, Sustainability

Design by David Saunderson. Photography by me. Videos by me.