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Charity Impact Report

Leeds University Union is an organisation that represents 30,000 students at the University of Leeds. They're also a charity, and like every charity they put out an Impact Report each year. Their latest incarnation included a print document, a single-page website and a video.

The goal was to make it as far from a standard report as possible. It had to be eye-catching, interesting to read and simple to navigate.

As well as highlighting the achievements over a period of twelve months, it also had to include information stretching back over three years of a four year strategic plan. Somehow, all this information had to be assembled in way that was fun to read and easy to digest.


The result: A Little Book of Big Impacts, a coffee table book you can pick up when you fancy, pick a page at random and dip into. The copy was broken down into manageable chunks revolving around the nine colour-coded themes of the strategic plan, each with a brief intro, strategic highlights, key stats and some thoughts on the future.

With an audience of key stakeholders from both the University of Leeds and the wider community in mind, the language was warming and welcoming. It had to be inclusive; to invite you in to celebrate the many achievements of the organisation.

Additionally, I wrote the script, shot and edited the above video, which pulled together footage to further illuminate each of the nine themes.

"We want our students to learn, develop new skills and bring out their secret and not-so-secret talents. The first theme of our strategic plan set out to make that happen by providing amazing new experiences.

Now we’re three quarters of the way there, we can look back and start to admire the view. We can see how we’ve equipped thousands of students for their futures, sending them on to build careers for themselves with the kinds of expertise they could never have imagined having."

- A Little Book of Big Impacts, Chapter 1

Design by Natalie Morton. Website by MSL. Video edited by me, with additional footage provided by Ollie Jenkins.